Start Living Your Life Without Pain
Or Dependence On Pain Killers!

Start Living Your Life Without Pain Or Dependence On
Pain Killers!

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If you’d like to increase your quality of life and revitalize your health... naturally, we have a valuable offer for you!
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Dr. Gary W. Sanders, DC
Welcome To Sanders Chiropractic!
Dr. Gary W Sanders is a Chiropractic Specialist in Fort Worth, Texas.

He graduated with honors in 1987.

Having more than 33 years of diverse experiences, especially in CHIROPRACTIC, Dr. Gary W Sanders affiliates with no hospital, cooperates
with many other doctors and specialists without joining any medical groups.
You will have a 1 on 1 visit with the doctor to discuss your health concerns and the reason for your visit. 

After your initial health consultation, we'll perform a complete & comprehensive chiropractic exam.  

A series X-rays may be needed to allow us to clearly determine a proper care plan. X-Rays provide us with an objective diagnostic tool that will show us the position of the spinal bones, as well as the quality of the spine and safety of adjusting it. We also use X-rays to determine how long a spinal condition has been developing.

Report of Findings
Your report of findings will be scheduled the day after your Initial Consultation. This will allow for your doctor to study your exam findings, at which point we will share the results that we found with you. You may invite anyone in your family to accompany you, if you choose. Your Report of Findings includes a detailed analysis of what you need in order to solve the problem that brought you into our office and what can be done in order to assure that it won't happen again. We consider your current lifestyle choices, goals for the future and challenges that are standing in your way. This is why our recommendations are extremely comprehensive and have the chance to be the solution that you have been seeking to find. 

Our entire staff strives to keep waiting times to a minimum, so we ask that all patients be prompt for their appointments so we can stay on track. Your adjustments will be given by the doctor, then anything else done during that visit will depend on the doctor’s recommendations. Stretching, exercise instruction, or other advice, may be given as part of the doctor's plan for you. Questions are not only welcomed, they are encouraged. Knowledge is power.

We consistently update and customize your wellness programs. The foundation for our overall health is based on proper spinal alignment, nutritious foods, regular exercise, high quality supplementation and a variety of stress relief techniques.

dr gary sanders
sanders chiropractic

Leo D.

Always good results, dr sanders cares about your overall health
sanders chiropractic

Terry F.

Haven't even been in yet, but my massage therapist has raved so much, I am making an appt and expect to be thrilled like she is. She has been seeing Dr. Sanders for years!!!
sanders chiropractic

Sonya R.

Dr. Sanders is wonderful. I lived in pain for a couple of years. After seeing a specialist without any relief, I decided to try Dr. Sanders. After a few months I was pain free finally! I highly recommend Dr. Sanders and his wonderful office staff.
sanders chiropractic

Lynn W.

Dr Sanders has been our Chiropractor since he opened his practice in the 80’s. He has saved us from many health issues and probably from surgeries. He is great and would recommend him to anyone.
sanders chiropractic

Jennifer S.

Gary and his staff are fantastic, wouldn't go anywhere else for an adjustment.
sanders chiropractic

Sylvia C.

Dr Sanders is simply the best in professionalism, compassion and results. I wouldn’t trust my family’s chiropractic needs to anyone else! Thankful for what his tremendous contribution to our community!
sanders chiropractic

Tami C.

I was in severe pain. Woke up and could not lift my left arm past my shoulder. Dr. Sanders has helped me regain movement in my arm just after two treatments. I was in pain and now I am not. I have gained at least 25% of my range of motion back in that arm. I am no longer afraid of a chiropractor. He is very knowledgeable and I totally trust him. I am excited that I’m getting better so fast. His staff is friendly and I look forward to my next appointment!!!!😊😊😊
sanders chiropractic

Loryn C.

For the last week I have been running on empty as I chase toddlers and school big kids. I thought that I was just tired, lacking proper sleep, fighting an illness off, just a little off, or just not drinking enough coffee 🤪. Turns out, I was overdue for an adjustment! Within seconds of getting adjusted I felt great! Physically relaxed and mentally focused. Getting adjusted sometimes feels the way that you expect a shot of espresso to feel 😆. If you’re feeling “off” in anyway, get yourself an adjustment! You won’t regret it. Thank you, Dr. Sanders!
sanders chiropractic

Lei M.

 have so much praise for how much Dr. Sanders has does for me. I always feel better when I leave his office and recommend him to everyone. He tells you the if he can help you are not. His staff is the Best also.
sanders chiropractic

Cathy O.

Staff is wonderful and they are very concerned with how your health is progressing.
sanders chiropractic

Barbara B.

The first time I visited Dr. Sander's office, I couldn't stand up straight. Prior to that, I saw 5 MDs that said there was nothing wrong. That was about 29 yrs ago and thanks to Dr. Sanders, I'm very active and loving life. I tell him he has magic hands because he can follow your spine, find the problem and fix it. Then give you exercises to stretch/strengthen muscles to hold it in place. I've referred a number of friends and everyone has also been pleased. He has a great staff that's always friendly and helpful. HUGE Congratulations on 30 yrs of helping people Dr. Sanders!
sanders chiropractic

Karen P.

Everything. Dr Sanders has seen me thru sickness and serious accidents and operations. Without his expertise I do not believe that I would be walking. I've been in his care for close to 30 years. Staff is also wonderful. Kind and very helpful.
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